I much rather prefer the current system because I don't want noobs picking up swords and claws. BTW what do you mean by having the same character?

he means the same class

There are no classes...


One idea per week. Rez honestly should've made someone trusted a moderator before he left.

Not right now,certainly not.*sips tea*

one idea per week b*tch

Yea you do more bad than good with this,so pull it together and figure 1 good idea for 1 week.

And no,I wouldn't like some baby d*cks be able to pick my bow.


keep urself together seal...I guess you dont like my idea...thats totally okay

What'ur talking about?I was just joking,relax man,want some tea?


Good that u are relaxing now....A tea sounds awesome

Very well,you want any specific,black,green,white,oolong?