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I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 8

I think we can all agree that the fort map (which serves as the current go-to map) needs a major update. The mode should be renamed Iron Town since the idea I am suggesting will turn this into a more pleasing environment for players. 

This idea of Iron Town is a recently destroyed walled town that was overrun by monsters (Both ogres and yetis alike). We can have places where the wall was breached allowing monsters to not have a awkward spawn points. There will be buildings (some on fire) and some are destructible through the use of explosives. There will be a town center where all the central fighting will take place to claim the town center. Whoever claims the town center gains access to a number of buffs, one being a very slight increase in overall health due to increased morale (Lets say that four special attacks from the sword at full health will not kill you but fall damage will finish you). This will give players a reason to claim the town center for their own. The teams will be set in opposite sides with the None Team having a spawn point at the center of the town. There will also be a marketplace (For the veteran players out there) in the town. There can also be a garden place which you can harvest for some health.

i think ill play more if this happens, this sounds awesome

this is kinda like the open world adventure

but better it still might take some hard work i like the sound of this

Interesting idea...

But I think the map now is good.

It's pointless to make another one.

The capturing the fort buff is good though

what is this, attack on titan?

Attack on titans had different teams that wanted to kill each-other!??

Yea,exactly.If you read manga,there are 2 types of odm gear.First is 3D vertical equipment which is used for killing titans,second is Anti-personnel 3D manuver gear,which is helpless against titans,but efficient against humans.You can google it if you want.