clones w/o time limit

sama 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 5

before the update where clones would disappear after a certain period of time, wilds.io  was a more interesting game b/c of the hunt and use of clone potions;The ice mages and their barrage of projectiles, the ax wielders' assault and the attempt to defend against them, and the feeling of excitement of when you were fighting one of the two and the sense of accomplishment after beating them. i believe that if clones w/o a time limit were added back to the game, the game would regain some excitement, difficulty, and ironically have a more level playing field, since anyone can get a few clone potions, but not everyone has the skill as some players do.

What. The. Fuck. Is. "w/o". And. "b/c".

w/ is with w/o is without

and bc or b/c is because

that too OP maybe extent the time 

Too OP

The time limit balances the fact that clones are amazing if you use them well.

And you add bow or ice staff,then very few can kill you.