what is pinrolling?

sushisling3r 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 8

i never really knew

please dont -1 me dont be a dick

Uh it's just basically pinning someone onto the ground. It could be rolling, shield bashing, kicking, all that so that the other person is stuck on the ground, getting chipped from rolling/kicking damage bit by bit...mm yea that's it. (Also don't do it) (also also I'm that guy you were talking about before like a month ago)

Pinrolling is a technique used by either noobs or claw users,they roll in to you and then they rolli in to you again at the excact momment that you are no longer invincible,if you try to dash,roll catches you

Yea,I witnessed that most of them are noobs and similar baby d*cks,but their rolling means nothing on long range when facing ice mages and archers.

oh okay thanks

lmao... doing that to warriors is IMPOSSIBLE they will just use their special and rip ur dead

Not if you have range weapon,especially if you can aim well.I don't have much problems with them.

knock em down ... n they will use their Special to get up so theres no way to pinroll em

I guess that's other way.