Respawn Time

Dead Wolf 3 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 3 years ago 14

Some of my ideas come from events and here he is: I have noticed that it is difficult to be king, you are really very focused by the players and especially because of the obsession with bones  (now everything fits) I noticed that the fast respawn facilitates too, this occurred with my friend when a guy only focused on him and the time that he respawn was faster than the time for my friend to recover the health, and also noticed that because of that case my friend had tl start running what fas a runner  not totally wrong depending on the situation . With that I think that adjusting the respawn time to 10 seconds again can correct this and other things too reducing the number of runners (because I think this has a little connection) 

Yea,respawn rate should be changed.I was yesterday gangbanged literally by a horde of baby d*cks which were like half of the players on servers,and that's annoying as all hell.This should be more balanced so +1.


 its kinda the main reason if my salt and my salt posts

Very true +1

first the growth of the character and now the respawn in ten seconds, we are back to the old days

Well,that's not what was before anymore.


maybe rezoner brings back the old look of the wilds, i liked it in a sort of way

+1 though i didnt like the 10 seconds respawn

maybe 6 can go?

Possibly adding or changing a bit more random spawn points would make it work. Or you could just fix up the spawning in a way so that when you die, you spawn at a place far away from your death, so the chaser will take some time trying to find the king.

(and as a plus how about making the king crown fade so that when time passes when you're alive, it'll disappear, or that the crown will fade if you go close to the king. The timing could also be switched so that you'll have to be alive for a certain time so that you can see the king's symbol.)

Meh, just my idea when I saw this post, and might not be the greatest comment I've posted.

i think there should be the kings crown but it only shows the direction 

like north east and west south


10 seconds according to the old wilds
but I think depending of balancing can decrease up to 5 or 7 seconds

5 seconds is a long time for wilds.io,enough time

old look of wilds would be nice

the pixel artwork and font is way better in terms of aesthetics imo, but sadly we cant have the pixel font because it doesnt support some characters

That's just balls,since I was working on new characters,and exactly that bothers me.So I'm just drawing some ideas for those.