sushisling3r 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 9

what do u think of archers?

i personally dislike them because all they do is run 

(especially when there within weapon range) 

and shoot at u.

oh and throw the bomb

Occasionally they'll play the game like its mean to be and roll at u 

is their any strats to counter archers? (other than kick and sheild)

i wanna be able to get real close to them and deal some real damage


Well,I play with bow,and I'm facing with plenty of runners too but they're not that big of deal to me now.If you want some tips on how to (s)deal with runners,you can come any time in game on Seals matchmaking.I'm sure I'l be glad to help you anyway I can for those mofos.


I HATE the archers in arena.

There's no proper way to face them,that depends on someone's technique of approach and respond.

I hate archers in everywhere


Archers are only good if they don't run and know how to fight. Don't chase them, they wont get bones.

how 2 kill archer 101
steep wan: kik airow
stap to: shild arow
setp threee: dassh oar loooong jamp


impatant noot: zig zaag wen loooong jamp

Absolute genius.Be one with the bow.