Daily quests buttons bug

issa04 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 16

For many players and for me get a new quest and Abandon quest buttons don't work.

Since Rez is back maybe Egze can fixed them??

It's really important.

Oh yea,that still reamains bug for me.Upwote from me because it sucks to have unwanted quests stay too long,for like a week.

Here's my actual sitaution (i cant get a new quest too):

Same with me.I fcking hate that.

3 enemies with a mine omg.

Tsk..That's nothing to me,just find some guilible baby d*cks and lure them,but scorring 2 goals in football match is tricky one since most of players just run around like headless chickens,and that majes it more difficult.

lol rip gl with whoever has that quest

Me.That's case for me.

This need to be fixed before 25 september!!

Yea,for sure.Btw this game needs Christmas themed maps when it comes to that.


I could not use it either.

hmm... its been working fine for me i never seen or experienced this bug before

I can't use daily quest since almost 2 months... It isnt time to fix it?

I cant use one of most important in things in the game.

I can't do it either,can't collect award or open next quests.And yea,it pasted ages since it hapened and yet it's still not fixed.