The Hut

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You can enter the hut to:

1, Change your current team without killing yourself.

2, Customize your gear without returning to the main menu.

3, Hide

The hut will easily be appreciated by players. However, to prevent players from abusing this mechanic, you can only be in the hut for so long before getting kicked out. Also, there is a cool-down in when you can enter the hut again each time you enter the hut. Lets say 10 minutes in between? Also, you cannot use items you brought with you into the hut while inside the hut. Keep in mind that multiple players can access the hut simultaneously. 

*If you are using the hut, you cannot be killed in the time given while inside the hut. 


+1 from me

this reminds of playing tag back in elementary school and having a T-O zone where u cant catch anybody

the hut sounds nice i think it should be in the bottom right corner to add some spaz to that area.

i think 10 minutes is too long and it should be cut down to 5 minutes (think about the travel time) most people dont even live for 10 minutes in-game.

lets say 20 seconds in the hut?

it could also be customizable and be able to store like 5 items it

u should be able to use hp potions and received 1 hp from entering into ur hut maybe u could buy the hut too for like 1k gold and upgrading it

It kinda gets annoying if the person repeated gets into the hut to escape someone.

Yea,abuse of hut would be just chaos.Instead of only having time limit,the count limit should be added.

+1 for in-game weapon changing


Changing team without killing yourself would be awesome,same goes for weapons.So +1.


My addition to idea

1a. ("a" is the letter that I modified the idea) You can change your team, but you lose all your bones, items and you get your HP level back - just like you died, to prevent leaders go to hut they change team so you can't attack them unless you are in none team.

3a. Hide - Invulnerability, but only for 1 minute or faster if you go off hut earlier. After minute you are kicked from hut (to prevent players camp on huts to don't die)

4. Get rewards for getting quests and get quests without going to main menu.

There are tons of capabilities you can add.

I feel like a hut would be a good place to change weapons and maybe teams(like what urkrty said). And ten minutes is too long, maybe 10 or 20 seconds? After you exit the hut, the cool-down should be around a minute. If you try to enter during the cool-down, you'll be physically thrown out, getting 1 damage done to you, with a message, "come back in 49 seconds" or something like that.

what about

making the warehouse actually useful (in the fort)

So people have to fight for fort to get to place where they can change weapon, complete and get quests and to change team? Toke, your ideas are mostly good but this one looks like not funny April Fools prank.


Well we need the free usage of this for all players,with limit,offcourse.

if everyone could change their weapons at free will, it would be pretty annoying

and what i meant is that you dont even need to hold the fort, you can just access the warehouse through the various fort glitches or whatever