adding criticals?

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this is a spin-off of my other question/topic

the amount of damage a crit can do is debatable (im thinking of 3 dmg instead of 2 dmg

ranged weapons cant deal crit dmg

spear: one jab of the spear while the oppenent is stunned will deal a crit

hammer: if the oppenenet is slightly to the side and gets smashed/swung by the hammer it deals crit

for roll the crit can could be used by rolling+dashing

for the kick the kick crit could be triggered by someone sprinting or jumping at you or a combonation of both

storm crow wanted ideas so here ya go


Good idea,but don't we have critical hits with axe,hammer,sword,spear and claws?We also don't have critical hits on ranged weapons such as bow and ice staff.Still +1 from me because it'd be good to add more suitable criticals.

Critical hits should be randomized by system what is currently registering hits and dealing damage to player who got hit by enemy or projectile. But this would take some time for Rez.

Yea,I agree.Good thing to make though it takes A LOT of energy and time,which Rez has none of this right now.

I don´t like this idea mainly because of 1 thing: LUCK!

Take it like this: you´re top player with +100 bones and you, somehow, are at 3 hp, then some random newbie walks right into you and BOOM! you´re dead because of a damn lucky newbie. Now, let me cover this the right way;

1) This involves LUCK/RNG (something that i, and im sure a lot of people don´t have when it comes to ANY game) adding a sistem that activates at a random moment is pretty... ahhh how to say it? BAD.

2) Critical hits with roll shouldn´t be added, do you know there is a thing called ¨PinRoll¨? well, that happens when a certain player constantly rolls into another player without letting it get up, add critical hits and the game will be unbalanced (again)

3) For the kick critical, it also shouldn´t be added, as you know the sprint/jump/longjump is a part of the game that A LOT of players use and having critical hits implemented could destroy that part of the game a little bit (you CAN´T shield while running/jumping/longjumping)

4) Ranged weapons have no critical hit, hey! that´s range-cist!

5) Spear critical hit: shield spammers with more damage: wich means more ¨PinRollers¨: wich means more kick spammers!

6) Hammer critical hit: That is just UNBALANCED, imagine this: a hammer user moving around you dealing 4 damage with each hit! 4 hits and you´re DEAD!

I hope i expressed my point here

                                                                                                                                                                -Ifram Never lucky m8

Close enough,though lag fcks me up most of time.So I know how u feel.

Also don't have much time for playing since I'm in middle school and I can maybe play on weekends.


Lag also fcks me up lul... i hate those taunting 300ms in my bottom right corner [=_=]

That's why I don't play that often now.

idk storm wanted an idea

storm didnt want a shitpost, he wanted an idea

also roll+dash is sonic roll (the name i made for it ;D)

As far as shitposts go, this one isn't that bad. But yeah, I feel like having weapons/attacks to do extra damage in certain situations wouldn't be that great. It would make combat more complicated, without really improving it