Too much lag these days ...

GOD Akuma No Hakaijin 8 months ago • updated by Seal 7 months ago 12

The lag is a great enemy of the player since it always in more important moments appears. Ultimately in arena, Browars ... 

I find that I have a lot of lag and I can not play with tranquility since I do not control my character with so much lag. I do not know if it is a problem of the game or of my computer I would like you to tell me how to fix this. 

I think that maybe can also be due to install the plus of wilds.io and I remove it because I did not like it, I do not know if I could influence the plus in my wilds.io account. Could you tell me how to fix the lag I have in wilds.io? Please.

I know how you feel.I also witness this many times ,and makes this game for me unplayable.+1 because this is bothering me as hell.

I was some time ago reading about lags, and they occur only when too many packets are lost and server wants the same packets again - if packets will be lost again, servers wants the same again - so lags happen when server is far away from you, when your net is worse than toaster's Wi-Fi and when too many packets are lost. They can be lost even when you have good net and server is close, but this is more advanced and too long to write here.

Probabily the problem is with your connection and your pc.

Advance system care: this program have too many option to speed up your pc and there is a option that can speed up your connection.

You can also try to set "high chrome process priority" in the task manager.

download Advanced systemcare in english:


Click only "Internet Boost" and after click SCAN

Ty,though it still didn't work for me.

Ty,though I won't have much time since the middle school started.

i tried this, but it a.) doesn't let me play and leaves me at a black screen, or b.) spawns me and i cant move and i have 0 pings.

I didn't try that,but seems legit.I'll try it on Friday.