just a thought.... (unpopular opinion)

sushisling3r 7 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 04 03 2021) 7 years ago 11

when other people give in other game ideas it all gets quickly shut down because its not an barbaric "Theme" this game is meant to fun not some cosplaying simulator

anyways you guys can downvote but please provide a reason and we can all debate over it ^^


I don't think it's much to do with the barbaric theme as it as the fact that people try to merge minecraft/ other .io games/ any other unrelated shit. That would turn wilds.io into not wilds.io

People are suggesting that Rez change the entire game. Also it's more of a coincidence that none barbaric themed things get rejected because they are thing we dont need like guns. We have a mage and an archer who the f*ck needs a gun?

Thinking rationally and logicaly,number of unnecesary posts which are totaly not related to this game neither do anything on forum,except wasting space,can be very decreased.

But more important is to hear everyone out and solve the problems without unnecesary dislikes and hate comments,which sushisling made clear in this post,so +1 .

Gun or other modern things like this in wilds.io graphic? Too much bad...

Bow still remains go-to weapon for me.


im probaly just a noob but i never get the hang of the bow. claws-only for me!


Cut my goddamn head.


I feel like all good games need a solid theme. It's not good to have random stuff in a game(unless the theme is randomness, which does work for some games, like TABS). Would you want a machine gun turret in clash of clans? Or an assault rifle in a legend of zelda game?

The point is, I feel like wilds has a really strong theme, and breaking it might not be a good idea.

okey dokey

im not really feeling the babaric theme it think its more "tribal" like maybe we could add more magic


We need more spongebobs here.