​​Savage Sammich

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Savage Sammich, I am the only person allowed the be savage and have a cute and harmless looking profile picture on this forum. I will eat your cute little bread face if you continue with your naughty behavior.

Also you will get spanky spanky! Then I will toast you until there is nothing left but ashes. Now be a good boy and stop saying things like:

Obviously I'm trolling here a little because I'm kind of bored. But honestly no need for the paragraph of hate.. WTF are bukkaki videos anyway?, clearly you been watching that shit.

stop wasting space on this forum this is not necessary, everybody knows that sammich is kinda a jerk 

please dont beef with me sammich

Calm  down, its not that big of a deal, this will get buried under the many topics anyway... I'm just trying to have a bit of fun

You did the same thing...

Sure, at first glance. But I was commenting on the things the person wrote and dismembered their post/ comment and all the flaws in it. He is saying things that came right out of his ass, the thing about being 30, smoking pot, watching some weird porn etc. I don't really do that...

It was about me :)

Maybe it's worse than Seva... Seva dont tell these things

Also, Do you people live on this forum or something? Already 2 comments from the time the post was posted..

The picture doesn't matter with behavior.

If you are talking about the profile picture, that was a joke...

Well this forum is pretty much screwed.Nothing more to say!

How is it screwed..?

With all unnecesary savage racket and spam including rude comments and needles theme arguing,I can't find how it isn't screwed up by now.

Relax, go smoke a blunt or something. I mean, sure this forum could use an active moderator to close off unnecessary posts like this one and many others. But the thing is that this forum has a very small community of active people. So... It's not that big of a deal. Rez has probably a lot to work on anyway so it will be a while before he has to get more ideas. 

Even with this tolerance and form of attitude against this forum issues,still gets annoying,mind breaking and time consuming at a time,not to mention,good way of distracting Rez with bunch topics like this which don't contribute at all to the game itself.

Ooh Toke, I see you been watching some naughty things ;)

I read up some things on it, turns out it's a niche, kind of explains why I haven't heard about it.  

im not even gonna deny i havent watched it, but its not for the reasons you think



Possible reincarnation of seva?

F*ck noo.


bukkake is where a mommy and a daddy love each other very much, the daddy invites all his friends over and the cum all over her face


Go to the minecraft forum and talk shit there,not here


For fck sake.What the fuck is wrong with your mind?!Sweet Jesus motherf*cking Christ,find an actual girlfriend!Why you even post this high quality cancer comment?!I think I got aids just from reading this comment!


your right on that one


I guess his comments must have gone pretty deep to give you aids 

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)




Goddammit,you too?!?!??


I am pissed enough already.I struggle enough even without you two,cannnot enter my account on phone,what an actual f#ck?


Not something new,I'm always glitched.And who the hell disliked me,I was triggered.


Savage Sammich just thinks his ideas are always good, but people are here to praise or critic them - when he said about bringing back advantage of larger size(bigger attack radius), I said it was OP. Result: RAGE

In his idea about open world adventure he said that this would be easy for Rez, I just said that he should do the same then, and we are still awaiting results. Result: RAGE

He also called I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST that he isn't smart - I said that he isn't enough smart to know nobody should say it to anyone. Result: RAGE

He talked about gunslingers - in barbarian times there was no gunslingers and NO GUNS. Result: RAGE

Results are Savage Sammich's reactions.


I don't rage at much stuff, I get pretty defensive when people attack my stuff, but seriously, can you stop posting negative sh*t about me 24/7


but yeah I rage on the one topic. So sorry for the paragraph of hate [:-(


No worries - everyone hate me here ^^


I'm not posting only negative replies and only to you - you should see my upvote on your comment that this was fun to kill smaller enemies. And to get my praise you should make good, possible to make for Rezoner ideas.


Ukryty:How can firearms be in barbarian time?That's not logical!

Savage Sammich:F*ck logic!

Ukryty:You don't have any evidence of what you said!

Savage Sammich:Pff,who needs evidence?

Ukryty:Would you stop being such a d*ck?!?!?!

Savage Sammich:NEVEEEEERRR!


Thats how it went down


I stopped before he did and his response was thank god you stopped and continued to be a jerk


i think this guy copied half of my name


You aren't that savage as he. You are the illegal copy! :O


Btw you think that,I know that.


Maybe he did not even know that there was a player called savage doge ...


But probabily yes because he has registered 1 month ago.


Convinient huh? *cringe*


I registered longer than one month ago


one month and few minutes - yeah, he really registered longer than just one month ago ^^


no and plus, savage sammich is my email that I have had for years


Quick question, is the purpose of this forum to get me banned?




If you get your average points lower than -47, you'll get banned. Second way is irritating Rezoner.

Is that even humanly possible??


macman, palan, lacika madarasz - yes, it's possible.

Rezoner decides to ban you or not.


There I changed my name happy


Why did you ask that disguised (facepalm)


Someone is raiding this. Literally almost every comment has a downvote


lol yeah I feel like this is easily grounds for a ban

1. Excessive swearing

2. Half of his comments are pointless arguing

3. Most of the other half isn't wilds related

4. Possible raiding of comments on multiple posts for multiple people(look at seal's and urkrty's comments in pretty much all the topics on the front page)

5. Random and stupid bumps on long dead topics

It's up to rez, but if in the end he does ban sammich, I feel like no one can blame him


what is raiding of comments


and what is bumping i just use it but i dont know what it means


plz dont ban me


im just a sammich

Oh I see what it is...someone wants to assassinate me,why people?!?!

Wait - the raiding might not be accurate - because you can't downvote yourself

It looks like we have some unknown troll in the background downvoting everything ಠ_ಠ

why would anyone downvote sammich sandwiches comments?!


so funny i forgot to laugh

No worries, you can do it now.


your not in this 

It's true there is someone that dislike everything but he isn't savage sammich...

Half of this comment section is overflown with dislikes.Another baby d#ck,I suppose.

Yes, In this forum there are too much kids that have fun when they bump an old post or dislike all comments.

But i think that Rez can find who dislike the comments for fun.

I hope so.

Um..I already noticed that,but ty for reminder.

The so-called "raiding" in your language is my doing. Also, I suggest we all talk about ideas to help wilds.io improve. This is the forum not a chat.

What? You downvoted almost every topic in this thread? why?

Language please. I did not dislike any topic and the things I disliked are mostly comments that do not contribute to the game.

are you fucking retarded

If you think that the previous I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST is still here, you are mistaken. He is gone now. Cremated. I was granted access by the man himself.

And if he really was dying, the last thing on his mind would be his userecho account

dont ya think


Also, I am not doing this for fun. You see, most of the comments have nothing to do with the actual game so really it's not me who is the villain. I dislike to raise awareness that this is a FORUM NOT A CHAT. If you want to chat, go to the game chat or even discord.

Don't have to tell me twice,I already stoped with those unnecesary comments,And if I was chatting with some people who's mind is in clouds,but only to snap them out of it.

And then Rez comes back to forum, no new topics and comments, everyone except I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST are on discord and game chat. Rez: Hallo? Anyone is here? Guys...?

True that.

That's veery true Ukryty

This forum belongs to Rez ... and since Rez has not complained we can continue

Umm,I'm pretty sur this was said and decided already.

We must first see if Rez agrees

Let's raid I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST comments and topics, if he does the same to us!

thats just stupid


Don't push it.

You can't beat chaos with chaos.

Dude, how do you think wars work?

2 opposite forces are needed to make war.