Pets that are for decoration

Brandon Wu 3 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 27.05.2020) 3 years ago 27

Like the current shield, cape, and helm, the pet will not have abilities except to walk around and be your devoted minion. Pets could be anything ranging for a small bear to a fish that swims in the sand.

Okay the bear is cool but the fish is not the greatest, might I suggest a bird

Oh and thy already did this on Easter with the ducklings

Just wait for next easter, it's just only few months.


+1 even though it would be better for pets to have some purpouse.


maybe it could attack other players like a goblin? 

yeah, this can be a nice idea.

pets should throw grenades at other players

Or dung,but your idea's better.

Or it can steal items.

Hey, I need that key! Give me that back!

*pet steals key and runs away*

*sigh*I'l go after him!*finishes his tea and pulls his bow out as he catches up with that bastard*

Hey Ukryty I finnaly catched that son of b*tch,he bit my finger though!Here are your keys*pulls key out then lands him over*

*brings keys and opens cupboard with medic stuff* Wanna plastic finger on place where you lost your real one? This looks like it's not plastic, but it is!

I didn't lose my finger ty for caring.

Btw you lose 50% of your hand's strenght if you lose either ring or pinky finger,belive it or not!

-50 Strength penalty

"Stats: Lvl 8 STRENGTH: -42 ENDURANCE 9..."

plenty of topics about this

I had a post about an idea for a Red Goblin Exploding , Could it be a pet ? XD

Add pets that have several tasks than the current one.

Or even help completing quests.

"Let your pet kill ogre 10 times" - reward: 100000 gold

Nice idea, though pets should have purposes

   some of them could run around and collect stuff(though that might be annoying as well since your inventory will be            always full with stuff like stamina potions) Potential pets:cats, ducks, idk what else could collect things

   other pets should do damage, but very little, like a goblin, so its annoying but not a lot. possibilities:scorpion, wolf/bear/raccoon ,eagle(?)

   and last idea could be a pet that heals you slowly, like a campfire, but only up to half of your total HP so its not too OP. possibilities: lamb, chicken, some fire spirits maybe(you know, like a running campfire? eh? nobody laughs at my jokes ...)

also im questioning myself whether should the pets be killable?