Ban Rhyme1

savage doge 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 42

when this guy kills someone, he just calls people noob and stuff

Image 2311

These pictures are taken from browars

Image 2313Image 2315
Image 2316Image 2317

These are separate screenshots which look like 1 screenshot :)

I'm not really good at detail but this is all I got, plus people from the BBOT clan are going to dislike this topic I bet

I put this in ideas because if the status is complete, it would make sense 

and a quick reminder that this guy was playing with a person (Turkish) called R34P3R_TR

I've never done a "Ban [name]" topic so i'm quite nervous xD

Unfortunately, Rezoner cannot simply ban someone if that person is only rude. I tried to get someone banned for the same reason but to this day, Rezoner never banned him.


Kghh..Just another baby d*ck overwhelmed by personal issues.Douchebagery at it's peek since he's reaching puberty.


He keeps changing his naame to Rhyme, so 2 names: Rhyme1 or Rhyme

There should be some system that detects insults (like right now) but instead of mute --> ban for X minutes.


I have a different screenshot, from a different match i was spectating.

Ironically, every time he died from someone, he called them a noob. XD

İf swearing is ban reason a lot of players shall be prohibited...

Why do you always look for a reason to ban the professionals from yourselves? Your power is not enough for Rhyme and BBOT!

you are from BBOT, and we don't look for reason to ban noobs...ergh... "professionals"(hahahahahahaha), but we try to make people don't insult others. If you don't see, he is calling people "bitches" and "noobs". But I can't understand why you want to make this game full of toxic players.

Ohm , Ohm 

If this crime is savage, brai and many more should be subjected to the same accusation.
All themk members (not my agents eheheh) hate Rhyme. 

Wow, you really seem to don't understand what wrong Rhyme did.

this guy is from the BBOT using the translator

I'm in the rebel :D

You can speak turkhish? Yes , yes you cant do it.


I dont think he should be banned, and here are the reasons:

1. There are so many people out there that do the same, and a lot worse

2. Even if you ban him, he will just make another account

3. Seriously it's not that big of an issue, he calls people noobs which is not something someone should be banned for. As for the bitch part... LOL. He might even be right; you are bitching a bit too much

4. Grow a pair of balls, its not that big of a deal..

7 dislikes, 6 dislikes are probably from the BBOTs

That's true - but why all people from RECKT didn't downvoted Ban Galactus topic? BBOT - Bye Bye Other Tribes


+1 rez need add a option to ignore someone fast


for fucks sake

rez is adding an ignore feature


Rez ignore option please


We need it desperatly.

What does it mean?  i shouldn't play with my friend ? I think this is my freedom.. 


When I see all those comments and notice that 33% of them is made by BBOT people, I finally know how to make all BBOTs come to one place. Just make a topic about banning one of them.


quick reminder,im not from BBOT.But you are right.


Your being worse than rhyme is by posting this topic.

Your being worse than savage doge is by writing this.

Closing THREAD!

*don't say anything and lets just forget this existed.*

Hell no.Why you bumped it?

sorry for bumping but why the hell is everyone here so TOXIC like jeez calm down a bit sometimes the forum is saltier than the game chat


wait a minute

isnt this the same dude who raided wilds training camp and cheated in arena

lol same brooo

these middle easterners....

Some baby d*cks never learn..

Now we have many reasons to ban this guy. This guy isn't playing fair!

He's worse than Seva...or not.