Player Retention: Small Menu Tweak

fonky(aguy) 3 years ago updated by Ukryty 3 years ago 9

TL;DR - Above the advertisement, add a small how to play section with just roll, kick, shield, and attack. New players understand how to play now and won't quit as quick. Small moveset = less overwhelming = more players who stay to learn advanced moves.

Hey all,

I've got a few gameplay ideas that I'll post next week, as I know Rezoner is busy changing spear and tweaking the UI and everything. 

I know that a huge problem with Wilds.io is that new players come, play, get rekt, then leave. Part of this is the inaccessibility of the controls - the wiki is hard to find, help page only appears after death, etc...

On the Main Menu, on top of the advertisement, it would be beneficial to add a quick HOW TO PLAY. This would allow new players to quickly look and understand controls.

It is important to put only the main mechanics, such as roll, shield, kick, attack. Everything else can come after, as it is possible to competently fight with only these moves. Do not overwhelm new players with too many moves.

Because wilds.io uses innovative scroll controls, it is better to put roll and shield on the top of "how to play", so new players understand that they can scroll to perform moves. The new players may then discover charge attack, dashing and other moves on their own, or through the wiki etc..

That's pretty much it. This is a very quick HTML/JS change, and can be implemented rapidly(next update?) Even if it doesn't work, it's still worth a try, you never know!


hopefully he tweaking the spear and adding UI


There was a tutorial, but it showed 10% of controls in this game, so Rez deleted tutorial and added discord channel for people who have to learn anything.


...Some people don't even have a discord account!

They always can make more thousands of accounts with "alanpartridge" nickname ;)

It's not a tutorial, just a quick control scheme, so new players can quickly glance to learn more, not a full tutorial where players have to play through. Most likely they'll just see the words scroll, so they understand that they can scroll in game. 

They can figure out the rest.

So you tell us to add settings? But there are settings in this game in menu.

Having a quick controls guide would be nice...

We also need a new tutorial...

Players are starting playing and don't even know the controls. It's pretty sad :(