Clans war

kiko gamer1 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 7

Cla vs clã


If you will continue making too many ideas in week, you will get banned on forum for it. READ. ONE. IDEA. PER. WEEK. RULE.


This is one of the most shallow ideas I ever read. Its not even in English. Then again what would you expect from a little kid who has something minecraft related in their profile pic.

Perhaps if you want all the things you recently proposed, the answer is in your profile pict.

Poor kid,he's probably lost on his way to mc multiplayer.Jeez that's awkward.

It's a good start. More clan members playing together is a good thing. Eventually there will be famous clans and requirements to join them.

I don't get it. Why's everyone hating on this guy? Is there a good reason or is there a bit of an over-reaction?

First;I don't hate that dude, second;his post didn't stay with the rules of topic,it's not big of a deal.