salt list

sushisling3r 7 years ago updated by PLS PEACE 7 years ago 11

self explanatory bassically just post their ign and a screenshot of them being salty

1.me (lol)

2.ghost wolf

u can see the chat right?

the wolf guys always gets super pissed at whoever kills him its especially funny cuz i witnessed him trash-talking a dori lol

whenever he get killed he says



and then targets u eventually he will give up on and find another poor soul to torture

post other salty people down below

dont post me cuz im already posted

i posted this in bugs because people like wolf are considered bugs and pests in my world

Kwintyliusz <- the only one person I ever made in wilds who was salty on me :V

Oh sorry, it should be "Kwintyliusz <- the only one person I ever met in wilds who was salty on me :V" - It was 11 PM when writing this

Me, for my profile pict.

"the wolf guys" -'

not u some brazilian imposter called ghost wolf

He is my friend some people put wolf in the name idk the motive xD, after I talk with him, he said he would stop and admitted that he was stressed sometimes


EH IT DEAD WOLF, y u not on anymore bro?!

I don't think we need a list of nasty players. One on a server is enough for me. Rezoner is already working on being able to mute people in game, right?

oh shoot i forgot to post the screen shot lol