Browars and Arena INVISIBLE BUG ---- PICTURES?

Original PERRA 7 years ago updated by Storm Crow 7 years ago 4

Hello everybody

Im creating a new topic about something really well known, just in order to see if at least it is taken into consideration.

If you jump after win but before the respawn you are invisible until you die in the next battle.

  • Please, could we fix it or at least "ban" or "punish" people who do it?

  • Maybe we could start posting in this topic, the pics of people who do this shit.  

Image 2239

Thank you.


It strikes a nerve every time I see someone glitch out like that. 

I wonder if Rez could come up a way for the game to detect if the player is invisible, then depending on whether or not the player is invisible they would be kicked.. Or just fix the glitch. 

I have a solution: Don't make bodies invisible when they die.


Yes I think people who do this glitch on purpose should be punished, but I have seen situations where people accidentally activated the glitch. If someone were to report someone who accidentally do the glitch, how would we prove who accidentally does the glitch and those who do the glitch on purpose?


Yeah, having a reporting system would be unfair to people who accidentally do the glitch. I feel like the only solution is a fix.

yes, you right, but maybe we can push it forward a bit in order to fix it.