Co-operative emotes between players

Egzekutor 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 29

Hello, I wanted to introduce you to an idea that may not be the most important thing that can be added to the game, but it could certainly have a positive impact on our community. I'm talked about emotes between players but they would be different from those we have in the game.

The first and most important difference will be that the proper emotion will only be triggered when the player uses the same emotion near another player who uses the same emotion. Also these emotions would have special animations that are not present for sound emotes.

But how it exactly look? Let me show you: 

Image 2223

It's a simple example how player can give sign to other, he want make with him emote. On my pic this will be simple hand clap with other player. 

There may be many more emotes that you can use with other players like:
- Barbarian scream
- Dancing
- Laugh (of course barbarian laugh)
- Derision like whistling
- Drink beer and burp (i know in game files burp exist xd)

- This last is special because you can play in mini game with friend like rock, paper and scizzors. 

How it work?

One player must choose (rock, paper or scizzor emote) and above his head appear small dice. When second player want play, must stand close to first and next also choose one of emotes for playing.

When he do it, both dice signs disappear, and both players can saw which emotes was choose (also other players can see it). When one player won, he can laugh, and second will be sad.

It's small mini game and i think it will be super fun playing with others in such game. Also such emotes will be great thing for make cooperation in game much more funny.

Say what you think about this idea, and if you have some ideas for co-operative emotes in game, share it in the comment. 

Regards, Egzekutor

I honestly think that this is an awesome idea ! , Good Job !


What about rock,paper,scizzor,lizard,Spock?

I never thought about this combination ;p

Well,seems promising to me.

Just read instructions below,it's fairly easy to remember.Can't say same for Ukryty.His brain cell count is so low that he can't even think.We need stem cell transplant,but from who?!?!

I like that.Tbbt fan aren't ya?


If someone doesn't know how to play rock,paper,scizzors,lizard,Spock,here are instructions:

Ok,did you catch all that?

My head hurts me after reading this >.<

I can see without a doubt that majority of your brain cells burned to crisp,even worse thing is that they can't regenerate.Oops i didit again.


Aaanndd what does this have to do with combat? Last time I remembered, wilds.io was a game of killing. Not only that but what if you were attacked while playing this? I feel like that this would be a not-so well known mini-game if it actually was implemented. I won't dislike.

Nothing. As several other things which you can do in wilds. This was only idea how add more small things for game what can improve communication between players in game. General idea is about co-op emotes, and mini game with emotes only show what potential this idea have in later stages. And really i think this mini game is well known.

Okay. So a minor change to help cope with the emptiness in a boring lobby.

I think "thanks" will serve a better function.

add a option to give a potato to your friend

Like Sasha Braus

Potato girl!!

dude i was thinking about doing rock paper scissors ingame right now, what the

My post probably did hypnotize you xD

ZzZzZzZz (sleeping by Egze hypnotizing) ZzZzZzZzZzZz

*Triping b*lls*What post????

its a good idea, we can even make a game out of the mini game, you get a win, you get a hit, and so on until the last hit is given. hehe


So you mean something bigger like mode where everyone play in this game. I can't imagine when bunch of people spectate when two players play in rock, paper and scissors xD

No,it's rock papers scizzors lizard Spock.

That version is way better,I was playing along with my relatives.

well egz, the death tennis still a thing, and people still wait there to see who wins... soo imagine another mine game besides death tennis xD

death tennis? I wanna play! Ball can kill you in this game, or how you die? I hope it's not that there are 20 ogres around 2 players and they have to play tennis :D

Btw Brai,you still didn't answer me why you put me in video?

Ukryty,I'm sorry that you had to wait but I finished your drawing.So Are you ready,man?