Net and Trident!

sushisling3r 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 29

so this is a unique weapon spin-off of the spear!

normal attack: (trident thrust) 3 dmg reduced attack rate

charged attack: (trident swirl) normal charged attack damage (i forgot XD)

special: throws net onto cursor (reskin the weapon throw animation with a net) 

then if any enemies are caught inside it they are stunned and for 3 seconds and then the net will break free.

 having a teamate place a bomb of anytype will instantly free you from the net (rogue exception) and being roped will also break the net. 

oh and the net deals 1 dmg upon contact and can hook multiple people the size of the net is like 4x4 doris

special notes: since the trident is super heavy you cannot jump and also the weapon cannot be kicked out of your hand and throwing your weapon deals 4 dmg. instead of 3

scrolling your mouse cursor down will open the net spreading your whole body and if somebody rolls into the net they are trapped as if you threw the special on them. kicking the net will have not effect at all and all other projectiles and damage items will hurt you


Ok so my revised version of it:
Normal attack: 1.75 damage

Charged attack: charge with it (like you would a spear): Also 1.75 damage

Net can trap up to 3 people
Let people jump with it and let it be kicked out of your hand
Make the throw deal the normal 3 damage or whatever it is
Scratch "scrolling your mouse cursor down..."

This would be seriously funny to see how 16 people is caught in net, but I don't want to go to hospital because of no breathe (because still laughing)

Net and heavy weapon mechanics of trident are actually good asset in combat improvement,so +1 from me.What do you think this will cost?

Origin: The Colosseum in Rome.

Retiarius was a class specialized to fight "Secutors" in the Colosseum. Retiarius were the net fighters armed with a trident. Secutors were heavily armored (The opposite of Retiarius class fighters).

Exactly what i was thinking of!!

bump rez change the net to your likings

Is this the Krusty Krabs?

no this is patrick

*Krusty Krab

SpongeBob SquarePants! :D

Screw Chuck Norris when Spongebob can make burgers underwater.

who disliked it and can u tell me why D;

That's because... Oh wait, it isn't me

hmm maybe this wont be added with the next update, but it should be added for sure

hehe. How about we let it be so that noobs can kill something.

Goblins aren't enough for you?

Rezoner is a evil person?

Shhh. Don't say it on his own forum. But you are correct :D

Anybody thinking about a melee class? Bruce lee in wilds.io

Too op.You can immediately grab your 1 way ticket to the hospital.

lol thanks for the support!