A Spear Rework

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TL;DR - The spear needs a rework. See below for details.

As you all know, the spear is the undisputed weakest weapon in the game. I would like to address a misconception.

Rezoner has stated that he wants the game to be fair for everyone, be it people with all the weapons or people with just the axe. Although weapon strengths vary, no matter the cost, the weapon should be more or less the same strength. 

The spear as you know is the undisputed weakest weapon in the game right now. It basically requires either an unrealistic stat buff(that would make it OP) or a rework, which is probably the better choice.

Now I do not wish to force this version of the spear on Rezoner and the rest of the Wilds.io community, it is simply a suggestion. Feel free to discuss what further balance changes are needed in the comments.

Reworked Spear

Idea - A spear is good for poke damage, and when the enemy gets low, a strong throw(snipe) will finish them off.

Range - Increased from before, to become a relevant range in which people cannot simply clash, and must shield and engage. Suggestion: *1.5 from existing range This gives him enough range to force people to block and engage and not fight the spear like a normal weak weapon.

Speed - The attack speed and knockback must be balanced. For a higher skillcap, lower knockback but increase max speed. This makes hand speed and reflexes more relevant with the spear. A quick reaction speed can allow for tons of poke damage out of nowhere. See that tiny opening? stab. Did he just miss his roll? stab stab. 

Throw - The spear throw honestly does not make sense. who throws a spear like a frisbee? It should be a straight line, faster than normal weapon throws and deal 3 damage. This will give the spear user a one shot to finish off targets. We know this will take some time to rework the throw mechanic... but it will really add that much more flavour and uniqueness to the weapon.

Special - The special of the spear should maintain it's mobility, but also offer some offensive ability.  The special should remain the same, except upon takeoff(when activated) it should deal very little(2x punch damage) and push the enemy back and throw them to the ground. (Just reskin the ogre jump)

Damage should stay the same.

Charged - The charged attack of the spear could become a slight dash, smaller range, lower speed, and deal 2 damage. Once again, this uses the poke strategy, and grants more options and mobility. Also makes more sense than swinging the spear in a circle.

As always, please discuss what the spear could be in the comments below. Group discussion is always better than one persons viewpoint. Lets help Rezoner balance this weapon.

P.S. Meta snapshot is not an idea, so this is my idea for the week.

i dont agree with the spin i think it should be a lunge dealing very minimun damage push back the enemy and push them down

I think the spear charge attack is good. It fits with the other weapons. The other ideas are really good though. +1

Can you kick back throwing the spear? I assume not

Also for the charged attack, I had an idea, where you charge up the charged attack, and it pushes you forward with your spear in front of you. Anyone up for barbarian kebabs?

yea that's what I was trying to say. A lunge that knocks ppl down is a better way to put it

i said that before -_-

i agree with the throwing +1

Bump cuz this is really gud idea

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Don't push him m8. He is the only developer for Wilds.io

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Yeah, but even so, half of the posts on the first 20 topics are about weapons that are overpowered and underpowered.

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I honestly said the similar lines yesterday ...

Grunt is throwing spear like a frisbee. Why you ask me for it?


Special attack idea:  he throws the spear at the speed of the special attack of the bow

Jumps on the enemy leaving stunned

Similar to this but giving a dash like the other special attacks

It's futurewilds.io? or wilds.com, what I just noticed few weeks earlier?


First idea makes most sense cuz' it's the only logical way to effectively throw a spear dealing good amount of damage but this would make you disarmed,would it?

i liked heartseeker attack imo

Lets do it like this: Everything stays the same...but if you throw your spear you can draw a weaker, smaller sword instead until your weapon comes back...this should be quite easy to implement

Let's do it like this: Please don't bump something that's a month old, and your idea just has a bunch of bad problems with it. Why have a spear then?

Seems legt.But what'll be secondary of bow,slingshot?!