NEW GAME MODE - fighting pits

berserkerIL 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 18

the idea is preaty simple

like the arena and browars the fightingPits will be a arena fights(same maps and rules)

but in the figtingPits there will be 3 players (brown gray and black) playing freeForAll

the first one who gets to 3 winning will be the winner (winning is when your are the only one standing like in the arena)

thnx for reading


Few similar to the arena... But if some players are friends ally and start killing you 2v1 and after killing make a pvp without you? xD

Why not black vs black vs black? You are rasist?

so in the score board there will be diffrent colors too

that way the players could now who score it is

Meh, more gamemodes, especially ranked is not healthy for the current playerbase. The mode doesn't sound too exciting as well. No downvote, but no upvote either

thnx for your comment

can you explain why ranked modes are not healthy for this moment?

They should be all black team. Would make things interesting xD

if they all be black the score board will be *black*vs*black*vs*black* so now one know witch score is witch 

witch! everyone hide somewhere! witch is coming!!!! and 99.99999999% people in this game know how to read their own nicks. (00.00000001% who didn't learnt reading is my brother)

can you be serious for once and give me a real comment about the post??

(still like your hummor dont stop it so funnyXDXD)

I still can't stop laughing at your "witch". Sorry if it's insult for you. Oh wait, you commanded me to say something serious.. People in this game can read their nicknames except my brother (4 years old, I'm still teaching him - my hardest student in my life by now), in fort and soccer you can read nicks of others in leaderboard and in game too, so what's the problem that no one will know which one is which(witch)?

the score board on the top show only color not names (like in the arena and browars) so.....

Nonsense. Scoreboard should show the color and nickname of the player.

the current score board in the arena dont show names but if it would change it will make no diffrent wich color they are

(P.S. i write wich right this time yay me)

next time try to write "wch" xD