NEW WEAPON - necromancer staff

berserkerIL 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 7

the necromacer staff is a a long range heal steal weapon

it look like the ice staff but with black orb and purple aura

something like this (but better XD)

mellee dmg: same as ice staff

charge attack: same as ice staff (but black/purple balls)

special attack: healsteal - a black demon who travel half the fast of the balls and it follow the mouse a little (like the arrows once was) dealilg 1/4 of the player life and heal the necromancer 1/8 of his life(if it hit successfully) the demon is blockable and reverse able by kick (if you reverse it it would not heal anyone)

Maybe this can help but not now. 

a black demon - racism on camera

Better solution of special attack: Shoots the same bolt as ice wand shoots to freeze, but is black, and cannot be blocked or kicked back, piercing through all players to border of the map(but goes only in one direction), every player got hit lose 1 HP and player who made the healsteal gets 2 hp back for every player hit by this special attack.

Just raise a small squad of demons to fight for you.

What you´re suggesting isn´t a necromancer, its a warlock, warlocks are wielders of evil, forgotten magics that guarantee the absolute control of a demon´s will and power, warlocks are also able to control souls of demons and almost all living things in this planet, that are often used as ¨fuel¨ for their rituals and spells.

Now i entirely disagree with this weapon´s special and charged, we don´t want a Shitty life-stealing version of a staff so:

1) The charged attack should be what you would use as a special, a mighty demon dealing damage to your opponents, but doesn´t give you some of the damage that it dealt as HP, and the damage dealt should be 1/8 of the player´s health (can be blocked but not kicked).

2) The special attack should be a Soul-Drain basically what this does is that the warlock cannot move for 5 seconds and will start to ¨drain¨ the souls of all enemies withing 8 metres dealing 1/8 of the player´s health as damage and also getting back 1/16 of the player´s health as healing and slow them down for a 25% of their base speed. This special is REALLY useful in a FFA between lets say 8 players, because it can drain their health and last quite some time. Also while using its special the warlock is a really vulnerable target for a bow and a wand as they can spam projectiles from a safe area weakening the warlock greatly. While casting this spell the warlock is invulnerable to stuns (kick, roll and shield bash) but, in compensation will take double damage from the kick, roll and shield bash.