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The last post about this was made 8 months ago. Arena chat is distracting especially after being tired of fighting an intense fight for 4 rounds and the adrenaline is taking it's toll, the constant movement of the chat box and some annoying comments sometimes don't help.

Also the invisibility glitch is still not fixed. Though it is harder to glitch out now, it is not impossible and it is still very annoying.

I'm am also quitting the game for a couple months because:

1. I really hate archers in arena and arena was the only thing I enjoyed.

2. My ping has been bad lately and it's really annoying.

3. People turning themselves invisible in arena.

4. I have gotten a black screen numerous times when wanting to play arena, the solution to this is to wait in lobby. But I don't have all day and seeing a bot version of me lose those hard earned arena points is not fun to watch.

5. Despite the dev's best efforts the game is a bit repetitive and I am going to go away until something comes out that catches my attention.

I will probably be back when there is something more to do with tribes and the game is more enjoyable as there is not much I enjoy right now.

7. I am going to be busy with my studies (not that you really care).

This is a mix of ideas and bugs and just general information.

Have fun everyone, and best of luck to the developers.



Uh you can turn off the chat it's in the settings


you skipped #6 :/

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