No weapons in soccer

Dead Wolf 3 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 27.05.2020) 3 years ago 13

I have noticed that in soccer people are killing each other first and after this then make the goal, I think removing the weapons from the players made the soccer better because the players would focus on the ball, That way they would not kill each other because disarmed causes little damage, If you're good at ball you would have a chance to win even with an incomplete team or noob

This really is better, each weapon has an attack speed, but it's all easier as hands would be fairer.
How about removing the items?


what about removing all attacks exept kicks?

yes because you don't use weapons while playing football in real life xD

Ehmmm... I get annoyed when i get killed on purpose but it's called Brutal Football for a reason...


Without weapons it would still be brutal .-.

hehe, true! I can already see pin-rolling a possible substitution to intentional killing.    +1

How about removing the ball?


how about removing the goal? xD

Brutal football mate ;). I think the weapons make it interesting.


how about removing the clothes

savage doge you just made my day xD