Spear needs buff

Caio Costa 7 years ago updated by Etheric Form 6 years ago 14

Rezoner, the spear needs buff, it's useless in the game. it needs a new special attack. It has been a long time since I saw someone using it and the reason nobody uses it is because the special attack in pvp is very important and the special attack of the spear is useless.

Special attack idea: he throws the spear at the speed of the special attack of the bow, but the time to recover the spear is to decrease by half.

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Another special attack idea, something like the rope. This would end up with runners


Spear is simply a low-level weapon for newer players to obtain. It is meant to have a lower cost so that new players have an easier goal to reach. If it were a better weapon then it would cost more coins, and wilds.io needs a weapon that is lower teir, not every weapon can be of the same teir.

yeah but you want some weapon diversity.


hammer is cheaper but its not worse than sword if you know how to use it but SPREAR[???]

I agree, the hammer and axe are good but the spear is crap

Something like the rope would be awesome

You don't want progression, legion. You want diversity.

give me a break legion. it cost to much to be low level.

there is lots of posts about this, +1

Special attack idea:  he throws the spear at the speed of the special attack of the bow

Jumps on the enemy leaving stunned

Similar to this but giving a dash like the other special attacks

Maby just make it so that when you land after using the skill, you let out a small shock wave and damage near by enemies.

omg dont bump this old post. The spear already got buffed.

Spear is pretty good already...I've mastered almost all the melee weapons. Next is hammer.