The Time Gloves

GOD Akuma No Hakaijin 3 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 27.05.2020) 3 years ago 8

Thinking about weapons I decided to publish this idea. The gloves of the time. Here you can see the statistics:

Speed: Just like the hands.

Damage: 0.75 each stroke.

Damage Charged: 1,5.

Scope: Just like the claws

Clash Mecanics: Speaking of clash mechanics the weapons do not go just go the kick guys hope this can be fixed. Well now, let's continue.

The clash mechanics would funscionarian with this weapon all and be like the clash mechanics if they would.

Special Hability: This is one of the most complex hability.

I will start being a blue crescent punch.

Who hit the blow would be frozen 1.5 seconds.

And give yourself 5 seconds of speed.

Imagen relacionadaThis would be the design.

I'm tired of you only know how to criticize. Instead of criticizing both say solutions for this weapon but only know that giving dislikes are believed the best because they can criticize if I criticize you and I would see. They have me fed up in the end I will not give a damn idea.

Don't tell about me, I'm only laughing at your word "hability". It's ifram's fault!

You have not done anything to me. But the people that come i gives dislike without putting because ... it gives me rage

I´ve made a comment about how this should be balanced then i removed the first comment i made and the two of them got deleted!

Doesn´t matter, here we go again!

1) Attack speed is OK

2) Damage (normal and charged) is OK

3) The clash shouldn´t be like the other weapons, instead it would push you and the other player back without that clash          sound.

4) Its Special ability should last 1 second instead of 1.5 and it shouldn´t give you speed because imagine this: You get             frozen by these gloves while the other player who froze you instantly becomes Flash and starts punching or escaping         you at the speed of light.

5)The design you propose doesn´t fits the theme so much so instead you should make it a white/brown/black glove without    those fingers showing.

Also BUMP!

It's basically just bad claws m8. Multiple ideas have been turned down because they were too similar to already existing ideas. This would basically be a modified version of the claws.