Reposting on an old items list

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A while back, I posted a big ol' list of potions and throwables to be added to Wilds. That list is what gave birth to the Rope, and so i'm going to pick my favorite four from the old list and repost them here.

Escape potion: When activated, disarms you, takes you down to 1/16 health, takes all your stamina, and teleports you to a random place on the map (not into a pit). Useful in a last-ditch survival maneuver. 

Firebomb: A napalm-like gadget that would drop like a mine and, after a short delay, cover the blast radius with raging fire for eight seconds. does 2/16 damage every second you stay in the fire. Perfect for area denial or strategic defense of a postition.

Summoner's Potion: spawns five goblins near the user that only attack enemies. Summoned goblins drop nothing when killed, and die automatically after 15 seconds. A useful distraction.

Shuriken: throw five ornate shuriken in a 45-degree cone. The projectiles travel as fast as arrows and have a small hitbox, each doing 2/16 damage.  For balance reasons, you can't take damage from more than three shurikens at a time, to stop them from being used as a melee weapon. Excellent value against a crowd, but inneffective against a single opponent except at extreme close range.

How do you guys 'n' gals like them? If there's enough attention, I can go ahead and post some more ideas, some from the old list, some new.

Yeah, firebomb. It is a word. It's an incendiary explosive. I didn't mean to write 'fireball', that would make no sense. It's like the bomb.

Firebomb *-*

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So... If you stay in the firebomb for 8 seconds you actually die? i like it!


I enjoy the thought of the escape potion... damn rope bombers and vultures. But an improvement on the escape potion would be to hide your marker so that people can't track you down and kill you while vulnerable.

Yeah, firebomb. It is a word. It's an incendiary explosive. I didn't mean to write 'fireball', that would make no sense. It's like the bomb.

Replace shuriken with rocks, and make the escape potion deal half health in damage, but if you have less than half health, it won't deal any damage


I feel like the teleporting potion wouldn't ever be used, because players can just as easily run away from danger, which has the combined bonuses of (1)not losing any health and (2)having a chance to kill whoever is chasing them and getting the bones and health/stamina orbs. I also think that the shurikens deal way too little damage. They do 1/8 each, so if you land three it does 0.375 damage, which is less than a single hit with claws. So maybe 0.5 damage each?

I do really like the idea of the napalm/firebomb thingy. Currently there is only 1 placable item in the game, compared to 3 thrown items and 4 potion. I would really like to see this or something like this implemented. The summoner potion would also be a fun one to have in-game

I don't think you understand the damage fractions that I use. When I say that something does x/16 damage, I mean it does x points of damage out of the player's 16 total points. So, your "0.5 damage each" thing is the same as what I said. I use the fractions because some think you have 8 health and some think you have 16.

And you can't always run away from danger. The escape potion would be used for when you're cornered with a bunch of opponent bearing down on you.

uh im pretty sure rez once said its 8 health


Yeah player have 8 health, but some attacks deal less dmg than 1 and players sometimes use scale 16 hp Instead of 8

exactly, egz, and health orb heals one sixteenth of your total health.


not if attacker is archer XD they can be really annoying

Most from this ideas i like firebomb ( but dmg is little to high because if someone kick you down you can earn op dmg) and shurikens what can be added in so much variations.

i think shurikens should do about 0,5/8 [1/16] dmg becouse it could not do a serious dmg with so tiny blades

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