Arena Opponents

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I'm just a little bit curious, what is the range of points arena opponents can be selected at.

Lets say I have 250 arena points. I would have the axe rank and would naturally be able to fight everyone within that rank.

However, I noticed that as an sword ranked player I was able to fight a 3 star player (which really sucked for him) but also a Rose ranked player (which kind of sucked for me).

So that brought up this question. My theory is that if I had 250 points I would be able to fight anyone above 200 and below 300. A range of 50.


Also there was the recent change in arena because there were 8 skull ranked players..


8 players?

1. Rezak

2. Rezak

3. Rezak

4. Rezak

5. Rezoner

6. Rezak

7. Rezak

8. Rezak

Rezak does not have that many accounts..

its a joke

I only have 3 accounts, and they are all obvious

I know only two of them: Rezak, BIG RUSSIAN BOSS... what's your third? Tori? Rudolf? Gloin? XD

I long ago renamed in not Rezak

All drop by 1%, and over time my glasses fell so much that the threshold for getting the skull was low, which caused 8 players to get the skull, but now everything is normal.

For the battle, you need an opponent who will have 75% of your points, that is, if there are 250 points, then the battle will be with the opponent with 187 points, but there is none below, as well as an opponent with 312 points for the battle

Thanks for the explanation!

I think the way it is now is fine. Before people would confidently leave themselves afk since they knew that a 1v1 would never start. Now they start much more often, but it's not always a fair match. It's basically a choice between rare, but fair matches, or common and unfair matches, and I honestly prefer common and unfair.

I feel bad for rekting The Sophisticated Woman multiple times in arena... she was even crying...   XD

For many players it is not clear the arena matchmaking system, for me it should be added when you scroll the mouse in the play button

Now, however, is much better because a few months ago you had to stay online all day to be able to do more than one game in the arena