team attack witth rope

palan 3 years ago updated by TheLegion27 3 years ago 9

IDEA: we should sstop team members being able to rope other people on the same team

this loser (who I won't name) kept trying to rope me even though he was on my team just to be annoying

he didnt even manage to do it one time which is the funny thing!!

i think he is mad beacuse i killed him lots of times already and he is trying to let it out

Uh yeah we took him in about a month ago

Actually why would we?


Uhhmmm if you're going to tell a story about a person on the forum at least tell the truth. I spawned on your team (so how could you kill me)... And I managed to do it at least 5 times...


it is not me in the picture



yes it is

learn how too lie

woah woah woah, wait. palan, you was talking you aren't alanpartridge on your first topic. Now we see, you are him. Why yuo was lying?

"Kept trying to rope ME"

"that's not me in the photo"

wut m8?