Tribe bulletins bug???

issa04 3 years ago updated by Disguised 3 years ago 12

Hi everyone. I noticed that when i click the bulletins of the

tribe come out a writing. When I search the same tribe and i click the
bulletins button under join tribe, i get a different one. See this

Is this a bug??

Thanks, issa04.

Yes, ELITEs are glitch that Rez can't fix. But this glitch will be deleted soon.

LOL! (Rezoner removes SEALS instead)

No difference for me, I just stopped playing, so do what you want.

I will be sad if you stop (lies)

I never saw you play in wilds.io tho, i only know you from the forum

You will see me only in userecho. I heard somewhere you have 1500 ping on EU server where I am playing was playing.

Actually, its not a bug, you just need to use the HTTML or CSS commands to make it work:

<p> <p/> (makes a text and divides it from another texts)

<h1> </h1> (Makes a giant text)

(Just look at Ifram´s crusaders´s bulletin... ITS BEAUTIFUL!)

I made a better one, look at Demon Executioners' bulletin.

War for better bulletin begin!

should i enter?

No you´ll rekt me ;-;

ifram must be the best in tribe, you understand..

speaking of war, WAR has a nice bulletin, a fancy chat thingy. Though its not functional.. it's nice.