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Disguised 3 years ago updated by Sir Killalot 3 years ago 7

I find this game to be one of the greatest hidden gem games I know. (hidden gem - a game I really love but not many people know about it). I feel like this game could have a lot more players if people simply knew about it. For instance, are you ever bored out of your mind some days but know that the internet has that great game or TV show, anime or whatever that you could be enjoying right now but you simply don't know about it, yeah this game was one of those things for me.

The issue here is also that no popular youtubers have made a video on this game, which makes me sad. The facebook page only has 7K likes and that is more or less proof that more people should know about this game.

Recently a player of a name I can't remember (sorry), has suggested this game should go up on Steam. Personally I don't know just how much popular the game will become there or how possible it even is. I just know that this game needs to be exposed to more players out there.

Please put a comment below on what you think could expose this game to more people, I mean I was even considering Youtube spam bots after seeing music channels write a comment on my video seconds after uploading.

Under review

Youtubers has played it once just after the game was released and never came back despite tons of updates - anyhow this gave the game the traffic it has today.

I am currently negotiating with a publisher that has a nice players base so I hope to have a good surge of newcomers soon.

WE gotta have at least one YTer playing wilds!

Easier said than done :c


We have a whole Discord server dedicated to getting YouTubers to play it: https://discord.gg/G3bWDu5

Thanks for advertising! If anyone want help us with attract youtubers to the wilds you can join.

well, as players, if the deal rezoner has its good, we have to not kill that many people with no tribes and equipement then, so they will learn and stay, or rezoner can just make those "noobs server" he was talking about


There also needs to be a tutorial so everything isnt so confusing like in mope.io