CTF bots

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Recently, the ctf mode has been re-added. And so have the bots.

And just like last time, there are many things wrong with them.

1. Items - Bots target multiple things, one of them being items. Now bots have an inventory, too, but they get full like any other player. But since they automatically target a near by item, they will try to get it, even if they have a full inventory. So they will continuously try to collect that item (moving back and forth).

2. Fighting - Bots will not attack you that often. I met a nice little bot fellow, and i named him Zachary, and no matter how many times i got close to him, he didnt want to fight me. Nice guy.

3. Flags - Bots target flags. But they don't know how to blow up the door blocking the flag. Zachary had a few screws loose ad he just kept running into that door. I tried to tell him to blow it up but he kept running into it. 

I miss my bot friend....

But still, I would like to have some of these problems fixed so Zachary 2.0 and the other bots can be smarter ;)

Zachary probably miss you too

Bots experience in using items:

Using HP potion: None

Using haste potion: None

Using stamina potion: None

Using mirage potion: None

Using rope: None

Using bomb: None

Using grenade: None

Using knife: 100% experience!

Bots are a bit buggy in CTF I admit. :)

name them all and they will never attack you. i once met a bot i named bilbooo and he never attacked me, unless i got too close