The ogre femur as a weapon

Brai 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 13

Its like a sword, in question of damage and such, but with a twist

the special of the bone should be a boomeran attack, fast with not that much range,damage deals the same as a normal special, i personally want this to be inplemented because if i use the bone to fight and the skull with it, i will be close to be a pokemon, how many thumbs up for you to consider this idea?

also some pics to complement this idea

Image 1811

Image 1812


seems solid...maybe the special could be the ogre jumping/shockwave thingy? I feel like a femur isn't built for throwing, much less curving back to you...

it does not have to be perfect , a cool bone throw its enough for me :3

That femur actually looks like a dog cookie (the ones that look like a bone) And also looks like a hammer.

this is what happends to to apear but its like a little old and brokend


[insert lenny face here]

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

too wild....xD

The sword and even the mask

what sword? what mast? ._.


-Man, throw that bone to me!



(Score increased by 1)






This bone xD i like it

it would look great if it was pixel. +1 for u.

but it should give you the ogre shock-wave ability.

save the boomerang ability for a boomerang (:

but my pokemon dream! T_T well if we get a bone weapon, i am mostly happy