Add ogre's weak/critical hit spots!

Seal (Im still alivee) 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 19

Ogres are known mostly for their brute strenght and massive regenerating health.My crew and I are certain to kill them,even solo,but sometimes it takes too much time just to kill one when solo.What i was thinking that could be aded ogre's critical/weak spots,the places where can be dealt waymore damage than usual(similar mechanic to critical attack of players)regardless of their regeneration.This could also be good balance for beginners.Hope you understood this.


Ogre is designed for real challenge and i don't think they will have weak spot ;p

actually this idea is quite god. It might be bad to make them having a weak spot, but maybe if they get hit by an explosive or so they could be stunned for a couple seconds, in which they receive more damage(not a lot, maybe x1.5 or x2 more damage)

they supose to be realy hard to kill (even imposible to kill by one person) so nerfing them will damage their porpose...

Yetis are easy enough so... Ogre has to be challenging.


I mean it's particulary easy to kill it with team,even when solo with proper strategy so i guess this was really dumb and who am I to complain cuz I got 7 of them thus far(4 solo and 3 with team).My bad *facepalm* khh..

Ogres are not so difficult to kill, just lure them to the worm that is in the chest, or take it to those doors that open and close that kill a player with a single blow, both things give the damage og the ogre , He's only half-alive with a blow from the door and the worm!

Or u can kill alone if u are a pro xd

You can kill ogre alone when you make him go to door :P


You can kill it old fashion way alone.


how long does way to sandworm is fashion way?


I meant that you can kill it without any contraptions and sandworms.


I knew you will write it ^^

The weakness of ogres are: they don't like very sharp doors or sandworms ;)