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Disguised 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 15

Ok so I'm not discriminating against SEALS this time, but I go to "find tribe" every now and again to see how things are going, and I noticed that no matter what I type SEALS always come up. Not only that but they come up in first place for some odd reason. Even if I put in the name of an actual tribe, SEALS come up in first place.... 

Also when I typed in WAR, the WAR tribe was not in the first place, and thats pretty much the case for every tribe.

To test this I typed in random things and this is the result..

uu my tribe is now 110 :D

Oh-kaaay... That's quite weird, more weird than Seal... O_o

i am loving that vsauce pic ukryty


Seals=Illuminati confirmed.

this was not only helpfoul but funny as hell!

But something in these screenshots is scaring me too...

Yellow line should help you finding what's wrong :D

Somehow I can't zoom it by clicking this screenshot, so I suggest using Ctrl + / - or scrolling up to correct screenshot.

It's not that big of a deal,that happened to me many times when was opposite and most results i got from searching war,justice,brazil,crusaders ect,are elites and doges couple of days ago,but I'm not complaining.It's not can anything major to be worry about jeez.

Holy s#%* 120 members already.

My tribe have 2 memebers. Deal with it xD

when did you make it?

I know the second member of Egz tribe! It's Rezoner.

Forget I ever wrote that comment, I just realised that your in the devs tribe. (-_-')