I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 58

This is a reminder to all players in Wilds.io. This is only a game and I myself dealt with this. Don't express your salt. Nobody needs your salty-ness in this world. Instead, laugh it off. You'll feel much better 'cause hattin' hurts. Don't call people "hackers" or "Noob(s)" 'cause you you you you you you you you you mad that you got beat ( more like STFU ). If you do, people will tease you...starting with this:

Image 1766

You know who you are. I don't need to start snitching.

lol this is under "questions"

gotta love the image tho

OMG!!! THE SALT!!! It's so...concentrated...

Give me them likes!!!  $$$

Also, if you are salty, you will enter Salt Heaven.

Rezoner Rezoner, Notice this!!!


lmao that image just made my day


I take this post with a grain of salt.

How many ounces then?


This is the one time that I'll like a pun


I like my fries with salt but ok i´ll upvote this.


this is a useless topic

A post to keep players' salt to themselves, 'cause we won't buy them!!!

I think that we all need a reminder...   ;)

(including me)


*with almost closed eyes* uh.. hello. Why you... wake me... up when it's... 00:48 AM... ZzZzZzZzZzZz


y did u need to bump twice?

Someone needs a reminder. Not entirely useless.

Now this is bumped twice + once. (yup, I don't know the word what is "better" than "twice")

OMG, this is actually getting likes.

This is ridiculously stupid. (I check the forums every now and then when I'm bored... in case you were wondering)

I don't see why people are not allowed to express their salt and it is not your place to tell them not to.

I find it pleasurable when I make people salty, saltiness does make this world a better place.

Oh and personally I feel kind of flattered when people call me a hacker 

That is because Disguised, that the forums was intended to make the game better in case if you were wondering. This is not the place for salty people to express their rage. Also, this topic exists to deter people from making salty topics. So hahahhahaha. Also, nobody wants salt and it should be kept to a minimal. After all, this forum is to make Wilds.io a better game so shut your trap. Besides, wilds.io is only a game.

You shut your mouth you little whore, you never said it was on the forum so I assumed you were talking about generally ingame. Even if it was on the forum then why did you not say anything about Issa04 posting random garbage. Mainly when people are expressing their salt it is usually because there is an issue in the game such as overpowered weapons or under-powered weapons or there are changes that would like to be made. However you have not given any examples of people being salty so you can only blame yourself for being vague.

You were also the one being salty so shut your fucking dirty whore mouth, hypocrite cunt.

Try make me shut my trap you little shit.


U should be banned for your mod of talking with swearing.

If u are against with EAT RULES comments tell him but without swearing.

You are saying too many swearing if you want  i have evidence and Rez dont like that.

I council you to stop because if we propose to ban you with evidence screenshots of your swearing u will get banned.


It's alright. I can handle salt. Don't go at Disguised when it is not your business.

This isn't even about this post. Do you guys need a private chat room to express your salt? Because it's kind of getting annoying


Please don't!, I don't want to lose my account. I could not live without it! I most certainly cannot make another one!! 

That was your lesson on sarcasm. The thing is that I don't give a fuck. If I want to contribute to wilds.io then I can just make a new account. I was already eating pussy when you just started primary school. 


Damn, you're so savage...


Looks like Disguised is SALTY SALTY SALTY! :O

Now your just being a jerk if your banned, it means your banned bro. If you are contributing, you won't get banned. If you do want to "contribute" then respect the ban, if you get banned.

Random garbage... Too vulgar.

Bad topics isn't better??


Sigh*    clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap. That was before I made this topic. I made this topic to stop people from repeating my mistake... apparently not. Is this a playground conflict?

Amongst other things,pretty much yes.


And you say you are what? 20?


Also, you think of me as a whore? Are you assuming my gender? Either way, that was a bit too far. 

Salt comes in many forms. It can come from the ocean (ahhhahahhaah) or even from someone's frustration on a game.

Hey man, don't take it out on the forums. That's just wrong. Take it out on the game or something else.


Also, how exactly does salt benefit the world? As far as I know, salt exists only to make others salty.

Psychology lesson: Salt stems from self-pride, believe it or not. When we feel that it is questioned or even criticized, it leads to rash actions and often results in either satisfaction or even more rash actions and frustration.

Well,noone is saltier than this guy!*points finger*

Do u see how salty he is!

Captain Levi from Attack on Titan.

He too O.P.!

Yup that s him,u watch aot too?

I can t wait for season 3.

Disguised, we know that u are salty, that's why you are against this topic.

Salty like your topic 


Disguised, i would have many things to say but ido not want to miss my words with a savage kid like you.


it's true, this is a ridiculus topic but u could say it with another way, idk how 12 players upvote it.

probably b/c you keep bumping and ppl are getting sick of seeing it


Dude is this a joke???? YOU SHOULD BE BANNED REALY!!