runner solution+clatrops

sushisling3r 7 years ago 0

so I was thinking about the caltrops and how it could diversify running supposedly if you were to run away you could throw down a couple spikes and delay the chaser. but this also works the other way around what is the runner runs into a spike? what if when you jump over a spike you take 0.5 damage from the spike and get stunned? 

caltrops: could be placeable and drops like every other item 

the shop could be in the top right of the map where it is quite barren and makes the caltrops more placeable

caltrops could be restored back to item form (kinda like using the axe special on a mine)by hitting/shooting it/bombing

rolls: rolls would get rid of caltrops immediately with the roller taking 0.5 dmg this ties in with the runner solution because the roll is relatively slow.

kicks: when you kick a caltrop it will behave like a soccer ball (in football matches when you kick the ball it goes quite high). if the caltrop lands on an opponent (quite unlikely but cool) it would deal 3 damage stun the enemy and disappear.

shots: this is kinda crazy but what if arrows could bounce of caltrops? this could lead to some mega-cool around the corner trick shots

bombs/explosives: would move the caltrop away kinda like swinging at a soccer ball

weapon throw/weapon swirl: shift the caltrop in the opposite direction

if the caltrop is shifted or bombed into a person it will deal 1 damage and the caltrop will remain

size: if you ever threw an axe away you can gauge approximately how big the blade part of the axe is I think that is a suitable size for a caltrop maybe a bit bigger

caltrop generator: it could be a machine up on the stairs on the fort and spew out a caltrop every 2-3 seconds in item form then you could place the caltrop over the fort to protect it.