Remove or Keep Clones?

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There has been a lot of glitches with the cloning potion. There has been instances where you clones shoot arrows even if you have earned different item from the treasure chest (if you had the bow). There has been times where the clones get stuck in places. Before, the clones were not able to spawn next to you. Now, when you spawn a clone, they have 2 seconds invincibility, and cant move.

There are a lot of problems with clones, and they only last 15 seconds now, so is it worth the trouble of keeping them around and having to fix multiple problems for them?



What if we just change the clones and how they work, I'm pretty sure this idea has been offered before somewhere....

answering the title: keep clones


Clones now disappear after 15 sec so this is not big problem. 

If we are going to keep clones they at least have to last longer and have their multiple glitches fixed.

So we make 1590213 clones + bow/wand + maxed zoom out? maybe make curved arrows be back?

they were kind of cute, i would like to keep them

That's bullshit,no offense,but Self sufficiency is more important than relying sometimes on clones.

tbh i still believe clones were better when they didnt disappear over a time limit.. killing someones 4+ clones and seeing how they play 1v1 was one of the most fun things of the game

and i know there was a problem with bows and ice mages spamming but all you had to do was kick all their projectiles back and that kills most of the clones if they keep doing it lol

to make it more fair id lower the health of clones by like 1