make running faster

alanpartridge 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 13

I think when chasing you should have disadvatage so when you swing weapon for example you slow down. this would help to make runing away easier :)

constructive critisicm only please !


This will only encourage a cowardly experience in wilds.io.


I disagree. Current running works fine, and your idea make too op runners, especially with bow because you can't catch them. 


I agree and runners are already a problem. A nuisance really.

I mean if you're archer or wand person and you don't run away (as in staying there and fighting), I wouldn't call you a runner and I would even consider that honorable. If I died and you fought honorably, I would just say gg and move on.

im just saying it takes TWO to tango!!


Running is already extremely annoying, yet it's the only option for less experienced players. If you're not dedicated enough to get better at fighting, then at least be dedicated enough to run better ;)

Run the Marathon then...  :)

i don't get it


I honestly don't think that bumping this post will make Rezoner comment about it, he sees everything but doesn't post on everything.