Claws and bots bug

werewolf 7 years ago updated by Rezoner1337 7 years ago 6

ever since the hell mode came out all the bots in the whole game. yes that includes out of hell mode. can do the claw special attack as well as there default weapon attack. this makes then far to over powered because the claws are the best weapon. and then they use there actual weapon attack.

Plz fix this as soon as you can Rez

sorry if this wasn't clear enough. basically all the bots can do the claw special attack.

Why a downvote? It's a bug...


i wrote about it

it not only bot there is player that do that too

Claws is not best weapon. In hell mode sword was banned because it was op :p 

yeah and so is claws because hell mode is easy as fuck with claws.


I have finally found the bug. Fixed in next update.