Remove Mystery Box in Treasure Chest.

simon m 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 18

It hinders when you earn money. Maybe it's for beginners, but basically it only infuriates. Mystery Box should be like, drop Yeti (bear) or drop Ogres

verdade! Eu sempre me irrita quando recebo alguma arma diferente das garras que uso XD

I agree. Must people do mystery chest for money and not the weapon. The weapon is only axe, sword, or bow anyway.


They added axe to Mystery Box?! :O

Players still go for the treasure box. A lot of players without accounts want a break from the axe, so they go to the pit. Then players that are going for gold just farm them with the sandworm :)

But then appear Ogres (Possible bear):)

Mystery Box should be like, drop Yeti (bear) or drop Ogres. In idea!!


I agree it's annoying when you are getting gold and end up with a bow.

Yes, I agree with you.

I won´t downvote or upvote this post because... well i dont farm the chest like someone else. Hemhem.


Honestly, people without accounts shouldn't have access to equipment through the chest because it's a reason not to make a account.

This is ridiculous. The main reason I kept playing wilds in the beginning was because of the yeti mystery boxes. I just LOVED to get the weapons because I knew i wont be able to afford them for a while. Think of fun the newish players get when getting them, the game isnt made just to accomodate no-life players.

true true but if you could get free equipment from the chests, it sorta encourages players to not become more involved with the wilds.io community. I think that the chests should only become available after the player has made a account and kept it. 

You make a valid point.


This idea is completed