The ClonePot Nerf

Paradoc 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 8

Rezoner, please revert the Clonepot back to its original form. 15 seconds is WAY to little, and makes clones useless. You can't build an army, you can't protect yourself, so now clones are extremely useless now. 

I say 2 minutes is a good time for clones

The name of the potion is mirage so... Maybe it's suppose to be a distraction/meatshield.

I only use it as a meat shield and a some health.(killing them on spikes)

And beacause you can't make army this is now ballanced item.

15 SECONDS IS too short, at least. And armies were not that op. Mirage name does not make sense too.

They were very OP. Just look.

Archer + for ex. 10 clones at previous time of their lifespan(or how is it named) + mega ZOOM (to 30%) + (earlier) curved arrows = free 100-300 bones. I got on my army of 8 clones with bow 378 bones. So much, huh? Mirage potion was really unbalancing the game, and its' nerf makes it balanced. Everything is now OK. (Strikethrough the last sentence when scythe will be implemented to game)

All I'm saying is that 15 seconds is too short. It is wasn't that hard to destroy armies. Often with the armies, you would be on top of leaderboard. That made people chase you, and sometimes you would have to run away. While running away, you would lose your clones.