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macman 7 years ago updated by J4sh1n 7 years ago 10

These are just some ideas :)

- trap - an invisible trap that can be used to get someone who may be chasing you.

- camp fire - a radius like the bomb which slowly heals whoever is in it ( only your team ) and lasts for a reasonable 10 sec.

- poison - slows and deals damage in small radius for short time.

- blink - teleports you a few meters

- invisibility potion - makes you go unseen for 5 sec allowing you to ambush someone.

thats all that I could think of but I have one more idea regarding the grunt class. I believe the shock wave ability should affect an area like the bomb instead of just in a straight line, of course it would need a whole new re-animation.

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macman, stop posting trash ideas. Don't post anything until you have came up with something original, good, or something the community can enjoy. Because no one wants to see your ideas.

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