Sorry for a little slow down on wilds

Rezoner1337 7 years ago updated by Egzekutor 7 years ago 9

I was launching mechar.io this week and it needs constant attention because it's not as polished as wilds - a lot of crashes, bugs etc. The things I will tackle next in wilds are:

1) Finally release ogres and capes

2) Tribe chat

3) Mini quests


Thank you so much for bringing you attention back to Wilds, I really want that barbarian cape

oh my god! finally!! but i got no money for the noble cape T_T and i dont want to buy the coins cause i am gonna get the badge! D:; finally i can get some real good videos of the ogres ! >:D ; tribe chat? like the one that spag posted? or like the one on the bulletins? ; miniquest for bones? coins? achievements? D:


Good informations. But don't care much about small break from wilds. We have patient community :] Also now mecha game works great, so your work improved this game a lot.


My idea is going to be implemented *-* "Tribe chat option" - page 2 on list of my ideas.

when is it coming out?