In every game goblin steal gold so my idea is when we kill the goblin to give us gold

macman 7 years ago updated by Brai 7 years ago 5

In every game goblin steal gold. so my idea is when we kill the goblin to give us money.

pls if  you  understand vote it like


No no no no no!!! Goblin is healing you, giving money from him will start hunting goblins, and health orbs from them will be nothing! Goblins are OK as now, and this game doesn't need to be similar in anything to games.

I personally feel its not needed as players drop gold and goblins are low tier threats which would make it useless. Why would I hunt 25 goblins instead of going for the chest?

I could be rude and say that this idea is D*MB AS H*LL but instead im just going to tell you two things.

1) Goblins DON´T steal gold they can´t even grab it. Also i don´t want to see players in a goblin-hunt game.

2) As i say to a vast/inmense quantity of players GET A D*MN DICTIONARY!

I understand that you can be from... let´s say Brazil and that you can be a child or so and that you don´t speak english but THAT´S WHY YOU HAVE ENGLISH CLASSES IN SCHOOL.

If you talk spanish tell me and i´ll traduce this to you.

Si hablas español dime y te lo traduciré.

money from goblins? well you get money from players lol

actually your gold gap will be the same so it would not change anything xD also you can kill soem people or change items for coins so..