Backup weapon?

NUT Gaming 4 years ago updated by Paradoc 4 years ago 7

The backup weapon is here because the main weapon are throw out THAN the backup weapon show

here is some Information about the backup weapon---> the back up weapon are less powerful than the main weapon the Special attack of it are always not that powerful and some time for running.

HERE IS some idea about the backup weapon(these weapon are my idea for main weapon BUT..yeah.

1.Knuckle Duster

The weapon is same speed as fist

Damage is 1.5          Charge is 2 

Special is 3(the attack mode of it will be charge the Knuckle Duster and punch the enemy hardly the Knock back of it is far The Range of the Special are short

How much do it cost?

IDK may be 2000???


Look like this

Hold like this

speed is slower than fist

Damage is 2             Charge is 3

Special is 3 Damage BUT it will BLEED the enemy for 2 second(each second=1 damage)IT NEW ABILITY!!!!!!!!!!(the attack form of it will be shorter than claws umm like half of it? IT like charge two Karambit and release at the same time)

it cost is about 2500???


PLSSS support it(my 3rd idea)

By~Crazy NUT(AS)~

P.S. umm.. i type slow....sooo.. my hand is very tired plsss support!!

Karambit Bleed may be is 0.5 damage per second??


I could've said things in a more polite way, but let's just get to the point:

Stop trying. You're shooting effortless posts out and nobody wants to hear about another little weapon. It doesn't matter what it is, Claws will outmatch it.

 You need to be less demanding of us. We're not slaves or playthings for you to mess around with, We are real people.

Try to make something better, Your creativity is low. But also try to make it not so underpowered and not very overpowered at the same time. Balance the effects. Try to make it good for any playstyle. 

Lastly: Put in more effort, your posts have been so far average, but you need to make it better. For the sake of your ratings, and your reputation: make something that won't be a waste of time and could be useful to the creator of the game you are suggesting an idea to. 

I apologize if i was being too rude, but please.. Keep all of this in mind, "NUT."

~Seraph (also Seraph in-game)

P.S. Don't force people to do things your way. In wilds, you must learn to survive and adapt. Strike out and strategize, that sort of thing.You will know that things won't go your way most of the time. I've learned to accept it.

Took the word outta my brain


1 IDEA PER WEEK lol and you did 3 ideas a week

that is a rule

Special is 3 Damage BUT it will BLEED the enemy for 2 second(each second=1 damage). How the hell do you plan to deal 3 damage in 2 seconds when its 1 damage per second? RLLY that has no freaking logic.

Also as i said in your previous knuckle duster idea SO MUCH KNOCKBACK = NO MELEE HITS FOR A WHILE so its bad.


Also as doge said ONLY ONE IDEA PER WEEK!

And also buy an english - (whatever languaje you speak) dictionary i already have one... in my mind.

Srry if im being too rough with you its because of... idk im angry as hell :P.