NEW Weapon Karambit

NUT Gaming 3 years ago updated by Laser 3 years ago 6


Each hand got one of it.MAY BE-->One click for 2 hit( One hand and another hand!!!!!!!)

Normal attack=1 for each attack(it got two Karambit so if you hit the enemy twice it got 2 damage)So it attack very fast( faster than claw )

charge attack DO 2 damage??( attack mode is same as always )Charge time will be 3 sec

SPECIAL!!!! SO the Special attack will be use two Karambit at same time(the range of it are not far)

BUT it do 4 damage

Second Idea i made first one are not good so... pls support this one....Thx if you do!

Idea by~Crazy NUT[AS]~

P.S. pls make the cost bit expansive(May be...)

PLS i don't want to fell this idea again!!

Guys PLSSS support!!

Maybe replace the normal throwing knife with this would be a little better because a small knife does not make much since unless this is the back up weapon when you throw you main weapon like in most movies when a fighter loses there weapon they use a smaller weapon, but you could have the choice to use this weapon or not instead of fist

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This weapon could be a decal for the claws....but I don't think it's going to be a weapon, it's too much like the claws, I have to admit it looks cool though... I wouldn't mind having it as a skin for Claws.