I would like to break a rule...

I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 21

Sorry for violating the "one idea" per week rule (Though in my opinion it is not very enforced). I have tons of ideas so I might as well compile some of it on this very topic.

1)   Censoring System 

Basically, how this works is that you select a small group of people who play the game and you know personally and you have them monitor the chat while they continue on their business (Rezoner will give them a special privilege which allows them to silence people who are being too rude or too salty). 

2)   King/ Queen Bonus

So this is when you are playing in the game mode "Fort". You are King/ Queen and if you are trying to capture a fort, you will capture it faster than one person. This is a very small benefit of being King/ Queen other than having a crown on your head.

3)   New "Ban" Topic

Frankly, requesting to ban someone simply doesn't comply under the "Idea" type of topic. I feel like that requesting to ban someone requires a separate section because banning is a very serious action. So I think that there should be the types of topics: Idea, Question, Bugs, and Ban Request.

4)   Please don't ban me...

If you liked or disliked any of this, please comment below why. That way, I will be able to see things from multiple perspectives. Also, Rezoner please do what #4 says...

Again, my apologies for breaking the 1 idea per week rule.



This will atleast put a full stop to those swearers.


Censoring can wait :D but yeah these other things are good.

This dude...he was only trying to smile...

Sometimes jokes doesn't work as you want they work. But 87% of my jokes is working xD


-1 lul nah +1


+1 mah dude. All good ideas.


I really like the censoring system idea! I hope the idea is implemented, and the role should be given to responsible and active individuals. Your other ideas seem like they'd be fun additions to the game as well.


I like most of these, but definitely not the "ban" topic. Banning is a fairly extreme action that we shouldn't be doing too often. Having a "ban" topic would encourage people to report or request a ban for no reason. It could get seriously ugly in this forum if it's implemented. If you really feel the need to request to ban someone, put it under questions: "should we ban(insert name here)?". 

I get what you are saying and maybe I'll consider it.

I agree, ban is something what should be used only when this is really necessary. 

I like all Ideas without nr.3 because players can start abuse it, and people which should be banned is really rare event.