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Rank Decay System - Too brutal?

fonky(aguy) 4 years ago updated by Paradoc 4 years ago 9


The 2% loss of score everyday should be changed to a loss of score after a week of inactivity, to more accurately represent skill.

I'm not too sure on how the rank decay system works, but a quick look at the leaderboards tells me that almost everyone's rank has dropped by at least a few points. 

The system that makes players lose their rank slowly should only be enacted if they are inactive for say, a week. Hence reflecting your skill accurately - if you play, you maintain skill, if you don't your skill may drop slowly. The longer you don't play, the more it drops.

 If they play any arena match during the week, the counter restarts. After a week of inactivity, inactive players should then be penalized by losing score every day. This way you don't get passively punished, and score reflects your skill more accurately.

3 days ago I needed 22k bones to get a one rank higher. 2 days ago I needed 20k bones. Today I need 17k bones. What the fuck?

Actually its more of a trick to keep players coming back because if you are at the top you feel complete the decay is just helpful

Under review

Did the ranking changed tho? Those who were in top 100 are still in top 100 - the only thing that changed are numbers - it's because the system is equally brutal for everyone.

Do you prefer a system like Heartstone that zeroes the score every month?


Nonono. Were talking about a bit more fair scoring system. Not making it even more dreadful. Its just the fact not everyone can play every day.

Not Quite,  It's just that some people Cannot afford to play arena everyday. A better system would be to penalize extended inactivity, eg a week grace then start decay. Constantly losing score is pressuring and demoralizing I feel, so even if the rankings don't change, players may feel inclined to leave.


There is also vainglory where if you dont play for a while your rank steadily decays and theres the season reset...

NO!  If you do this, I will lose my second place ranking for the second time.

As well, think of it like this.

Player a can play once a week

Player b can play 3 times

Player b can end up with a higher score. Even if player a is better

Arena 8s meant to measure skill, not grind, so the decay system does not work.

Punish inactivity, not lack of playtime.  See poke hanos decay system. That's s

omething I think a lot of ppl want